Version Browser engine Release date(s) Highlights Old version, no longer maintained : 80.0.361[102] Blink 80 February 7, 2020
  • Added native support for ARM processors
  • The address bar now shows when a website is using the microphone and camera
  • Added warnings for potentially dangerous downloads
  • Extensions will now show their publisher
  • Added support for restoring sessions of websites that have been installed as apps after an update or crash
  • Added an option to the context menu to sort favourite folders by name
  • Added a new setting to always use Strict Tracking Prevention inside InPrivate windows
  • Extensions that influence the browser’s appearance can now be installed from the Chrome Web Store
  • Added support for importing Firefox browser history
Old version, no longer maintained : 81.0.416[103] Blink 81 April 13, 2020
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to access Read Aloud and Immersive Reader
  • Added the option to hide the Collections button
  • Improved favorites management with tools to remove duplicate favorites
  • A message will show when another app installs an extension within Microsoft Edge
  • Added support for Windows built-in spellchecker
  • Added support for using cards that have been saved in MSPay to be used on webpages
  • Added support for Dolby Vision
  • Added support for Microsoft Information Protection-enabled PDFs
  • Added 3D viewer in the F12 Developer Tools
  • Added a setting to enable or disable automatic profile switching
  • A dialog shows whenever a new data type is available to sync
  • The InPrivate button now uses a blue background
  • PDF Improvements:
    • Added support for highlighting text in a PDF
    • Added support for web-optimized PDFs that are downloaded on page at a time as they are being viewed
  • Added a page to settings informing users on how to install Microsoft Edge on their smartphone
Old version, no longer maintained : 83.0.478[104] Blink 83 May 21, 2020
  • Future updates will roll out gradually to protect users from accidental buggy updates
  • Improvements to Microsoft Defender SmartScreen
  • Added the ability to exempt certain cookies from automatically clearing when the browser closes
  • Added Automatic Profile Switching
  • Collections improvements
    • The user can now drag and drop to add an item to a collection without opening the collection
    • Users can now add multiple items to a collection at once
    • Users can add all tabs in an Edge window into a new collection without adding them individually
  • Extensions from both the Microsoft and Chrome Stores will synchronise with Microsoft Edge on all the user’s devices.
  • Improved message on the Downloads management page for insecure downloads that have been blocked
  • Immersive Reader improvements:
    • Added support for Adverbs in the Parts of Speech experience in Immersive Reader
    • Added the ability to select any content on a webpage and open it in Immersive Reader. This enables users to use the Immersive Reader and all the Learning Tools, such as Line Focus and Read Aloud, across all websites
  • Link doctor provides host correction and a search query to users when they mistype a URL
  • Allowed users to save their decision to launch an external protocol for a specific site
  • Users can set Microsoft Edge as their default browser directly from Microsoft Edge Settings, instead of having to search through the operating system settings
  • Several DevTools updates, including new remote debugging support, UI improvements and more
  • MCAS (Microsoft Cloud Access Security) warn scenario is now available

Old version, no longer maintained:

Bạn đang đọc: Microsoft Edge – Wikipedia

84.0.522[105] Blink 84 July 16, 2020

  • Reduced download delay for Internet Explorer mode site list to 0 seconds (down from 60 seconds) in the absence of a cached site list
    • Also added group policy support for cases when Internet Explorer mode home page navigations needs to be delayed until the site list is downloaded.
  • Allowed users to sign into the browser when Microsoft Edge is “run as administrator” on Windows 10. This will help customers running Microsoft Edge on Windows server or in remote-desktop and sandbox scenarios
  • Added full mouse support when in full screen mode. You can now use your mouse to access tabs, the address bar and other items without having to exit full screen mode
  • Added a custom nickname option to saved debit or credit cards, making it easier to distinguish and differentiate cards when making online purchases. Nicknaming cards lets you choose the correct card when using autofill to select a payment method
  • TLS/1.0 and TLS/1.1 are disabled by default
    • To help discover impacted sites, you can set the edge://flags/#display-legacy-tls-warnings flag to cause Microsoft Edge to display a non-blocking “Not Secure” notice when loading pages that require legacy TLS protocols. The SSLVersionMin policy permits re-enabling of TLS/1.0 and TLS/1.1. This policy will remain available until at least Microsoft Edge version 88
  • Collections improvements
    • Added a note capability allowing you to add a note or comment to an item in a collection
    • Added background color of notes in collections. Color coding can help organize information and increase productivity
    • Improved performance when exporting collections to Excel
  • Storage Access API support, which allows access to first-party storage in a third-party context when a user provides a direct intent to allow storage that would otherwise be blocked by the browser’s current configuration
  • Native File System API support, which allows sites can be given permission to edit files or folders via the Native File System API
  • PDF improvements
    • Added Read Aloud for PDF
    • When saving an edit made to a PDF it can be sent back to the original file instead of a copy
    • Added an option to translate in Immersive Reader.
    • DevTools now supports customizing keyboard shortcuts to match any editor/IDE, which includes VS Code
Old version, no longer maintained : 85.0.564[106] Blink 85 August 27, 2020
  • On-premises synchronization of Favorites and Settings
  • Group policy support for trusting site + app combos to launch without a confirmation prompt
  • PDF Highlighter tool
  • Storage Access API
  • Send to OneNote is available for Edge Collections
  • DevTools updates
    • Surface Duo emulation
    • VS Code keyboard shortcuts
Old version, no longer maintained : 86.0.622[107] Blink 86 October 9, 2020 Old version, no longer maintained : 87.0.664[108] Blink 87 November 19, 2020 Old version, no longer maintained : 88.0.705[109] Blink 88 January 21, 2021 Old version, no longer maintained : 89.0.774[110] Blink 89 March 4, 2021 Old version, no longer maintained : 90.0.818[111] Blink 90 April 15, 2021

Old version, no longer maintained:

91.0.864[112] Blink 91 May 27, 2021 Old version, no longer maintained : 92.0.902[113] Blink 92 July 22, 2021 Old version, no longer maintained : 93.0.961[114] Blink 93 September 2, 2021 Old version, no longer maintained : 94.0.992[115] Blink 94 September 24, 2021 Old version, no longer maintained : 95.0.1020[116] Blink 95 October 21, 2021 Old version, no longer maintained : 96.0.1054.72[117] Blink 96 January 6, 2022

Old version, no longer maintained:

97.0.1072.69[118] Blink 97 January 20, 2022 Old version, no longer maintained : 98.0.1108.33[119] Blink 98 Approx. every four weeks Current Beta channel Old version, no longer maintained : 99.0.1141.0[120] Blink 99 Approx. every week Current Dev channel Old version, no longer maintained : 99.0.1146.0[121] Blink 99 Approx. every day Current Canary channel

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